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This project involved the transport of a flue gas cleaning system from Germany or Luxembourg to Morocco. The oversized freight had a width of 13.6 m - which is equivalent to the width of a three-lane highway. In order to get this freight to its destination intact, Spedition “Thomas“ needed the necessary expertise and preparation, as well as reliable partners along the entire route.

Spedition “Thomas“ not only chartered a ship to ship the goods from Stade to Morocco, but was also personally on site in Hamburg. There, we took over the handling with the customs authorities and supervised the loading onto the ship.

Spedition “Thomas“ was also on site during the unloading of the ship in Morocco to ensure a smooth process as well as a safe onward transport to the construction site. Since the necessary vehicles for the onward transport were not available in Morocco, Spedition “Thomas“ unceremoniously organized the means of transport from Spain, which had the necessary low height to pass through the existing underpasses.

Spedition “Thomas“ carried out the complete route planning for this project as well as the organization of all necessary permits together with the Moroccan partner and accompanied the entire transport.

  • Place of departure: Germany / Luxembourg
  • Place of arrival: Jorf Lasfar, Morocco
  • Means of transport: conventional ocean-going vessel, low loader
  • Scope of delivery:
    • 6 tanks, each 13,6m diameter and 4,5 m, 30 to
    • various pipes made of fiberglass up to 2.7 m diameter and 22 m length
    • Chimney with 4.3 m diameter and 18 m length
    • Assembly material