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Fast, flexible, and secure, we bring your goods to their destination via air transport, worldwide.

Often, time is of the essence when it comes to shipping goods or covering long distances by rail. In such cases, air freight transport offers speed and flexibility.

Whether in the baggage hold of a passenger aircraft, as a partial load in a cargo plane, or in a specially chartered aircraft, we pull out all the stops for our customers. Our experts develop individual air freight solutions that fully meet your needs.

No matter where your goods are headed, they will arrive quickly and reliably at the destination airport. If desired, we can also take care of delivery from the airport to the recipient. Furthermore, we are happy to assist you in obtaining important documents and keep an eye on all legal framework conditions, such as customs regulations and transport insurance.

  • Worldwide air freight transports
  • Transports in passenger aircraft
  • Partial loads in cargo planes
  • Specially chartered planes

For some transports, more than an airplane is necessary. Discover all our solutions for Transports, logistics and customs. Upon request, we create a comprehensive forwarding concept for your cargo.

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