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Impossible - does not exist

A really extraordinary project was the transport of 6 containers from India to Singapore, more precisely from Mumbai to Jurong Island. It was the 2nd part of this transport - after the first one had already been transported by part charter a year earlier. After reviewing the various options, it was decided with the customer to load the containers with a diameter of almost 8.5m onto flat racks and ship them by container ship to Singepore. From there, the containers were taken by barge to Jurong Island off the coast, where they were transported by low-loader to their final destination.

 For this project, too, we worked closely with our partners from the Heavy Lift Group in India and Singapore and coordinated the transport on site accordingly.

  • Place of departure: Mumbai (India)
  • Place of arrival: Jurong Island (Singapore)
  • Means of transport: Container ship, barge, low bed trailer
  • Scope of delivery:
    • 6 containers of 7.85 x x8.35 x 8.45m each, 12to
    • Assembly material